meet denise

Confucius said, "find a job that you love and you will never work a day in your life." Now I would be lying if I said that making cookies isn't hard work, because it is!  But one thing for sure is that when I'm elbow deep in dough and icing, I'm in a happy place that I never thought I would get to.  Some people think that finding a job you love will bring you that joy, but I think that the real joy comes from doing something that brings others happiness.  I feel blessed every day that God worked it out so that I could earn a living being a part of so many of your lives.  I get to celebrate your babies, cheer on your graduates, well wish your birthday buddies, high five your sports achievements and even send some "sugar" to those who could use some cheering up.   

When I started this adventure as a hobby and an outlet for the stresses that come with being a parent of a child with special needs, I never dreamed it would grow this big.  From several dozen cookies a month in 2011 to nearly 5,000 our last December in the home bakery, my little kitchen in Chardon performed admirably and earned its baking retirement.  Now that we have taken this big step by moving out of our home and into our shop, we are able to host more classes and be a part of even more of your stories.  It is my prayer that you will feel the joy that you have put in my heart with every cookie that comes your way. 

With love and appreciation,  

- Denise