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Community through cookies is one of the guiding principles of D is for Delicious.  We try to live that out by making our cookie studio a place where people can build relationships, celebrate with their families, bond with coworkers, and make memories to last a lifetime. In other words, our place is your place (except that you don't have to clean up after the party!). 

Read below to learn more about how our space can accommodate your special event.  Don't forget to fill out and submit the form at the bottom of the page so that we can discuss all the details and check availability. 

Parties for Children, Teens & Tweens 
Parties for Children, Teens & Tweens 

cookie decorating lesson 

up to 2 hr use of studio classroom

1/2 dozen cookies to decorate & take home

food options available (or bring your own) 

we clean-up after!

Ladies' Nights 
& More
Showers, Girls' Nights & More

cookie decorating lesson

up to 2 1/2 hr use of studio classroom 

1 dozen cookies to decorate & take home

food options available (or bring your own) 

we clean-up after!

Parties for Children,
Tweens & Teens

 An party at the D is for Delicious cookie studio is the real icing on the top of any birthday!  We open our studio to you and your birthday crew to eat, celebrate, create and make memories.

You can bring your own food, drinks and cake, or we can make arrangements with our friends at Guy's Pizza to have the food and drinks ready for you when you get here. 

What sets us apart from other birthday options is the experience. Each party-goer gets to learn the basics of cookie decorating and decorate their own cookies to take home with them. Parents get the freedom to plan as much or as little as they want and we clean up the mess. 

Each party will last around 2 hrs. This gives enough time for food, decorating, opening gifts, taking pictures of the cookie masterpieces and packing up the goodies to take home. 

  • Cost $300 for up to 10 guests
    • additional guests $20 each​
    • maximum 20 guests
  • Includes ​
    •  cookie decorating lesson
    • 1/2 dozen cookies per guest​
    • box to take cookies home
    • 2 hr use of the cookie studio classroom
  • Ages 6 and up 
* a minimum of 2 adults required to remain at the party

You know what really charges my battery and renews my spirit? Spending time with people who bring me joy.  But, like me, I bet you don't do that as often as you want or should.  One quick way to fix that...schedule some time.

Private parties at D is for Delicious are a wonderful way to get your friends, family or coworkers together to talk, bond and fill each others' happy tanks. 

You set the date and bring your crew to the cookie studio classroom and get your cookie on.  Each attendee will get 1 dozen sugar cookies based on the theme and colors of your choosing.  Designer/owner Denise Hagan will teach a basic decorating lesson and then let the icing fly.  

Cookie classes are for everyone.  Over the years we've heard it all..."I'm not artistic" "I eat cookies, I don't decorate them" "Guys don't bake".  Non-artists find  that they just work better with icing, cookie eaters, eat while they work, and guys get into heated decorating battles with their friends.  But without fail, everyone leaves with a sweet treat and happy heart. 

Ladies' Nights,
Office Parties & More
Private party.JPG
  • Cost $400 up to 10 guests
    • additional guests $35 each
    • maximum 20 guests
  • Includes ​
    • cookie decorating lesson
    • 1 dozen cookies per guest​
    • box to take cookies home
    • 2.5 hr use of the cookie studio classroom
* attaching decorations to the walls/ceiling at the discretion of owner