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Cookie Decorating Kit- to be prepared by Chardon's TACKLE Project- benefiting Children at the Cleveland Clinic's Children's Hospital

Let's Make Cookies Passion Project
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Would you like to gift a child and their family an activity that will help take their minds off diagnoses and treatments for a little while? Please consider purchasing this cookie decorating kit for someone in need. We have a special group of volunteers from Chardon's TACKLE Project ready to prepare these "Bee Happy" themed cookie kits that will be delivered to the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital in late September. Each cookie kit will include a half dozen cookies, icing in a variety of colors, sprinkles to embellish with, and access to an online decorating class with Denise on YouTube. The children and their families will enjoy this special gift all because of you and your generosity. Cookie therapy is a real thing and will be enjoyed all because of your generous gift. Denise will donate cookie kits in addition to those purchased so that we can reach even more people this fall! Thank you for your support in this special project!

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